Our Staff

Eloise Smith

Eloise is a Foundation Stage Teacher with a Further Diploma in Special Needs.  She also studied Psychology through UNISA for 3 years after work experience as special needs teacher for 8 years in the UK.  Here she mostly worked with children with severe learning disabilities (Autism, Down’s Syndrome, etc).  When she had her own children, she started child minding for 3 years before returning to South Africa to open Pokkelmander.

Eloise is teacher of the pre-grade R class.  Other training include Einsteinhands signing, First Aid, Positive Handling, Signalong (Makaton), several Autism workshops and Play therapy.

With 20 years of experience tutoring literacy and numeracy, as well as study skills training, she also does tutoring in the afternoons, teaching children study skills, helping them with planning, studying and day-to-day homework.

Hildegard Kruger

Hildegard Kruger is a Intermediate phase teacher who studied at CPUT Wellington Campus and graduated in the year of 2019. She also has lots of experience when it comes to tutoring.

“When it was holidays I always looked for opportunities to look after children and helped them with homework. ”

Hildegard is the teacher of the grade R class. Other training include: first aid, mini cricket, netball, swimming, classroom behavior management and cross country.

Hildegard’s career goals is to be the change in children’s lives.