Here are some success stories of the Early Intervention services at Pokkelmander:

“I would like to make use of the opportunity after almost 4 years together. What a journey it has been. Ben has gone from a non verbal child to a flourishing young boy who is turning 7 in Jan 2018. With the co-operation from Pokkelmander and other support such as Art and Music at the school and speech therapy and AIMS he is now able to be part of a mainstream school in New Zealand (with some teacher support).

Without all your patience and love for Ben we would not have been here. And we are so thankful for all the support through all the years.


Karin Blaauw”

“Buchule joined Pokkelmander in Jan 2017 as a shy girl with sensory issues and speech difficulty.She came out of her shell, and became a confident, well spoken girl. She will be starting Main stream school in April 2019 and we are hoping for the best.

Thank you Eloise and the team for the work you do; patience with the different needs and the love that you shower the kids with.

Bongekile Dolo”

“On behalf on Anneline, Joshua and myself I would like to thank you and your team for all the support you have offered Joshua over the course of the last 2 years. Following on from Anneline‚Äôs sentiments in her email to you last week the progress Joshua has made while with Pokkelmander has been profound. A child who was considered behind when he left mainstream schooling has steamed ahead and now easily holds his own with the tasks presented to him.

The one on one schooling and support offered to pupils at Pokkelmander by both yourself and your team is to be commended. Personalised care of this nature is next to impossible to find in mainstream establishments as teachers find themselves greatly outnumbered and despite the best of intentions personalised care amongst 30 plus children is a lot to ask for. By limiting classes to an average of under 10 students you have provided Joshua with the ability to find his voice and actively take part in his curriculum.

While Joshua is due to start a new adventure elsewhere with new friends we know that he will miss his normal day to day at Pokkelmander. His daily discussions with Gail; his busy afternoons with Tosh & Lorna; and of course the occasional playtime with Charlie the Labrador, who will always be the highlight of any given week (if he can get a chance to say goodbye to Charlie it would be greatly appreciated).

Thank you once again for everything. We wish you and all your staff every success in all your future endeavours.

Dean Whitehead”