Pokkelmander Reading and Learning Centre has been helping children with reading, mathematics and studying both in English and Afrikaans for more than 20 years now. We have an individualised approach to tutoring as we find this far more effective.  Individuals can be helped where, when and with what they need.

Homework help is offered by a Special Needs Foundation Phase Teacher.  Classes run for 45 minutes to 1 hour and covers day to day homework, orals and task preparation.  Learning problems are detected early and individual extra classes can then be added.

Marvellous Maths is a Right Brain Maths class explaining the fundamentals of maths using movement, patterns, games, etc.  In line with the CAPS curriculum.

Right Brain Study Methods Course

Everybody learns, understands, processes and retains information by using either the right brain or left brain.  In our mainstream educational environment we teach children study methods using mainly left brain techniques.   Right brain dominant children struggle in this environment.

General methods for studying uses left brain techniques such as sitting in quiet, at a desk, using key words and phrases of summarising a body of work.  These techniques do not work for right brain dominant children.  Furthermore, children with reading or learning difficulties, even ADHD experience difficulties with left brain techniques or conventional study methods and programs.

Difficulties in learning for right brain dominant children:

  • Most traditional methods rely on a certain level of reading proficiency and skills.
  • They have greater skill with right brain activities such as shapes and colours than left brain activities such as key words, questions and paraphrasing.
  • They experience greater difficulty with abstract language and concepts.
  • They struggle with memory lapses and information recall, which poses a problem in performing orals.
  • They present with specific memory deficits such as recognising information and recall.  Most existing study methods rely largely on the latter.
  • They struggle with synthesis and therefore conceptualising a chapter which causes them to get lost in the detail of information.  As a result, they end up providing irrational answers.


The introduction of right brain study techniques as a learning skill can provide children who struggle to study in the conventional way, with an equal opportunity to achieve their potential in the mainstream educational environment.

  • It takes the stress away from doing orals an speeches
  • This method works primarily with RECALL
  • It adjusts to and accommodates right brain orientated children through images rather than through words
  • Once the techniques are learned, the child can adapt the method to his own  style of learning
  • The study time needed is reduced allowing for more time for repetition and enforcement
  • Abstract concepts are creatively entrenched in the memory
  • Spelling techniques are adopted
  • Once children experience success with this new technique, studying becomes less threatening and instills self confidence!

This course can be done in a group or individually.

The group course consists of:

  • Four sessions of 2 hours per session spread over four days
  • Attention is given to association learning and not verbal techniques
  • A course overview will be provided at the end of the four sessions
  • A follow up session will be arranged after three months to review learners’ performance
  • Traditional time planning and rosters do not form part of this course
  • Group sessions or private sessions at Pokkelmander Reading and Learning Centre, Stellenberg